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Grease Lock Filters are ETL Listed under file number 30644 and complies with Standard UL1046 and ULC-S649, NSF Standard #2, NFPA 96 and IMCGrease-Stop Combo Filter is ETL Listed under file number 3064494-001 and complies with Standard UL1046 and ULC-S649, NSF Standard #2, NFPA 96 and IMC / ICC.                MORE INFO >>

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Grease Lock 365™ is the latest technology in multi-stage grease filtration and offers unparalleled grease extraction efficiency. The first stage consists of a disposable fiber filter on the back of a pad holding frame and is designed to capture up to 98% of grease particles. The second stage features a 1 inch UL 1046 baffle filter.

The Most Effective 

disposable grease filter in commercial kitchen ventilation

Efficient front-end grease capture system.​

Captures up to 6x the weight of grease

compared to standard baffle filters.

Available in all popular sizes of standard

baffle filters

Tough stainless steel construction

  • Reduces the operating costs by decreasing the frequency of hood and duct work cleaning, exhaust fan replacement, and roof repair

  • Improves fire safety of cooking operations by reducing quantity of fuel (grease) throughout the system

  • In some cases, can eliminate the need for costly, downstream air purification systems

  • Cleaner ducts, exhaust fans, and exterior surfaces, including roofs, walls, and pavement

  • Less grease being exhausted from kitchens means less odor, reduces neighbor complaints

  • Retrofit capability - Grease Lock's filter assembly will fit into most existing hood systems that use standard 2" deep filters

  • Stands up to rough handling

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Features & Benefits

High Efficiency Disposable Filter

  • Simply captures more grease!

  • Disposable, Sustainable, Biodegradable & Compostable!

  • Naturally Fire Resistant!

Grease Lock 365™ will substantially reduce cleaning, maintenance cycles and attendant expenses, providing greater overall cost saving while not impacting your exhaust hoods smoke suction.





Most importantly, we have designed the filter assembly to work in conjunction with a filter lifting tool, preventing workers from needing to climb onto hot cooking appliances allowing for a safer and cleaner work environment.


Optional Filter Removal/Mounting Tool 




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